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Writing from the heart, I’m inspired by everyday experiences. My poems, haiku and non-fiction come from a slice of my life. ❤️POMpoet❤️

Fiction Friday

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

Stella considered leaving a letter for her grandchildren or maybe writing a book, a memoir. She would lay everything out, telling about her life before meeting their grandfather.

She had been limber when she first met Stan Jones and he had marveled at her flexibility up until the day he died, ten years ago. In fact, even now at 75, she was still limber.

This morning while drying off after her shower, a silly thought popped into her head. She had caught a glimpse of her naked self in the mirror and gave the reflection a once over, “Not bad…


To Ease My Mind

Photo by Rota Alternativa on Unsplash

I’ve come to this place
to ease my mind

to smile at the chatter of birds
to feel a tender breeze
and listen to the silence
of tall trees

it’s as if this place
is here just for me

to soothe my spirit
ease my mind
and free my thoughts

but today I struggle to
find comfort here

worry fills my head
a jumble of concern
and cluttered words

as I sit disheartened
the warmth of the sun
peeks through the treetops
and in the far off distance
I hear a train whistle

now watching leaves flutter
and squirrels chasing


Was I Wrong?

Photo by Walid Hamadeh on Unsplash

Dear Muse:

Was I wrong?

Was I wrong to call you an asshole and then write a story about how bad you suck? I meant every word of it but I’d still like to know if you think I should have kept those feelings to myself. If you have a minute, drop me a line or pop into my brain and give me the low-down.

You may not understand this but my story was a joke. Honest, it was. It was a joke. I know you refuse to believe that and have probably gotten all boo-hooey and are crying into…


Is the First Day of the Rest of my Life

Photo by meredith hunter on Unsplash

Why am I writing this? Because this is the first day of the rest of my life and I know you care.

Plus, this is the first day of the rest of your life, too.

I woke up at 6:17 this morning. Being a fairly early riser, this is an average time for me. Not one to lay around in bed, I got right up, my first stop being the bathroom on my way to the kitchen. The morning sun was coming through the window so there was no need to turn on the light. …


A Reflection

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

You know when you know someone really well? You share a common history or have shared experiences? Maybe it’s a long-time friend or a relative. In my case, it’s a relative, a cousin. I’ve known her my entire life. Well, since I’m older, I suppose I’ve known her all of her life.

I always thought she was smart. All of my dad’s side of the family is intelligent. But, after last week, I’ll be changing that to “Most of my dad’s side of the family is smart.” Honestly, I’m still in shock. You know the kind of shock I’m talking…

Artwork by Janaka Stagnaro (used with permission)

A Poetic Challenge


A Short Story About Yoga Pants

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Was I wrong to change out of my yoga pants this morning?

Your opinion is appreciated.

In an effort to get back in shape, I’ve started a daily walking routine. I want to lose a few pounds, be healthier, and feel like my old self again. I’ve been fairly successful, too. Watching what I eat, not snacking, and walking a few miles a day has paid off with the loss of 10+ pounds over the past 3 months.

So, this morning I thought I’d try on my old yoga pants. You know the kind. Black, stretchy material that fits snuggly…

Sydney Duke Richey

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